Board Minutes for 12th November 2013 (additional meeting)

Tuesday, 12 November, 2013 - 20:00
Peter Brett (PB) - chairing
Harley Faggetter (HF)
Jack Allnutt (JA)
Andrew Norton (AN)
Will Tovey (WT)

Status of quorum

Not quorate

Actions from previous meetings

  • SO to update BatchFour with above changes. DONE
  • SO to dig out principles and raise with Board DONE (added in yellow to BatchFour)
  • PB to organise follow-up meeting to reconcile with Batch 3 DONE

Additional NEC-proposed amendment to Section 2.

  • PB: Aims and Principles are different things -- we need to have both
  • JA: Rename section to AIMS AND PRINCIPLES, list the principles and then state that the party aims to <something involving the principles>

Amend (2) changing 'AIMS' to 'AIMS AND PRINCIPLES'

Amend (2.1) changing 'The principal aim of the Party is that the United Kingdom reforms its  copyright and patent and privacy laws in a manner consistent with the  opinions of the Party’s members.' to 'The principal aim of the Party is to reform the laws of the United Kingdom and European Union in a manner consistent with its principles.'

Insert before (2.1) '<the principles as in the wiki>, split into numbered subclauses'

PB: Suggest splitting into multiple numbered paragraphs somehow.

PB: We also need to re-write the principles in language suitable for inclusion in the Constitution (e.g. no first person pronouns)

AP SO + PB Write up onto wiki. DONE

Consolidate Batch 4 amendments with existing Batch 3.

Proposed new wording:

4.1 Membership is open to:

  • Citizens of the United Kingdom;
  • Resident Foreign Nationals;
  • those whom posses a right to vote on behalf of the United Kingdom in Local, General and European elections; and
  • other Foreign Nationals at the discretion of the NEC

who share the Party's Aims.

4.1A Members shall not share membership with any organisation that has BEEN declared to be incompatible with membership of the Party by the Board of Governors.

NEC amendment is defunct.

First election one is defunct.

Election procedures ones are

PB Proposed new wording for seconding:

9.9 Members may only second one candidate per position. Members may not second any candidates in any election they are contesting.

SO Proposed new wording for seconding:

9.9(i) Members may only second one candidate per position.

9.9(ii) Members who are standing for election themselves wanting to second others for that position may only second a number of candidates equal to the number of positions available minus one.

AP SO Write up onto wiki. DONE

Define schedule for completing amendment process.

PB: Assuming the consolidated amendments do not need NEC consultation, I suggest picking up from Step 5 - . I suggest aiming for a vote to take place over the New Year.

PB: Proposed schedule:

  • Send new wording from this e-mail to the Board for a vote ASAP
  • Send agreed wording to the NEC for discussion ASAP
  • Post new wording on Forums for member discussion; send out member e-mail. Aim for 30 Nov 2013, by 07 Dec 2013 at latest.
  • Make any final changes & initiate vote by 21st Dec 2013.
  • Aim to complete vote by 04 Jan 2014.

AP PB Warn NEC that we'll need response ASAP

AP PB Send vote e-mails to Board mailing list

Move new "Oversight Committees" clauses to Section 8?

AP PB Send vote e-mail to Board (as two votes)

Additional Board amendments

AP PB Send vote e-mail to Board (as two votes)

New "AMENDMENTS" section in Constitution?

Consensus to drop from this cycle.

SO: constitution references Board's COP for constitutional changes. We should make sure the COP says exactly what we would wish the constitution to say, and once we are happy with it we can transition into the constitution at later date.

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