All Hands Meeting Minutes, Late-September 2016 Meeting

Wednesday, 28 September, 2016 - 20:30
Will Tovey (WT) chair
Adrian Farrel (AF)
Michael Moriarty (MM)
Stephen Ogden (So)
Harley Faggetter (HF)
Andrew Robinson (AR)
Not Present: 
Andrew McCallum (AM)
Liam Souter (LS)
Jack Allnutt (JA)
David Elston (DE)


Decisions made since last meeting:



Actions from previous meetings:

WT: Go over accounts to try and get them done if we don't hear back from SC.

  • Get stuff from both electoral commission and paypal.
  • WT: Still haven't heard anything back from Sam about any of the stuff

All: Inventory

  • All: CC asking where to send the PPUK office stuff.
    • Ideally someone in Manchester can collect some of it.
    • JA: Get an inventory.
    • Need to action removal by mid August.
    • JA lost CC's number, need to get it again from DE
  • JA: Does Bex have desks?
    • She has flags. - JA to follow up
  • WT: Talk to Sam who had hardware (laptops, switch?).
    • Get it to HF.
    • WT still hasn't heard anything back from Sam about any of the stuff

WT/SO/HF Complete PEF 2 for EC

  • WT has everything he needs
  • Collating signatures, waiting for EC to get back.
  • WT still struggling getting access to PEF Online
    • Any thoughts on who else should have access?
    • Access for: SO, HF, WT, DE

WT Get paperwork together to get access to PayPal

  • PayPal still being awkward, have emailed to demand answers
  • Confusion over addresses to contact paypal.
  • They have updated their process, but are asking Will to confirm he is Leanna Ainsworth.
  • WT to keep poking.

HF: Get SSL certs to renew automagcally - Still on manual renewal.

  • Needs to talk to CB about it.

SO/WT: Refund SO for servers invoice (£427.20)

  • WT needs a copy of the invoice, also needs access to PayPal.
  • Note that SO is owed £427.20 two times from March 2016 and July 2016

Look at stopping having "all these servers"

  • Q for HF/WebTeam: Are there parts of the infrastructure we can do without?
  • HF: talked with CM, has a plan - stop paying for one of the servers, downsize the remaining one.
  • WT: Next invoice for servers due on 7/10/2016

HF: Attempt to pursue recruitment of Chris Monteiro as occasional additional help for the IT Team.

  • Need to email CM with information to help him actually be able to do something
  • Just need to cajole him into doing stuff with his magical new powers

AF/DE: Work on pad for "Brexit, now what?" to ask members what we should do?

HF: Admin backend for website says there are security updates to modules, needs FTP access to update.

  • Mostly done.
  • Core Drupal needs updating but... it's risky, so going to do later and more carefully.


Matters Arising

MM: Planning a leadership run in near future.

HF: Looked at an interesting online discussion platform called Represent

WT: EC renewal due by end of October, need £25.

SO: Not sure what is going on with bank account


Activity Report

DE: Done blogs on local stuff.

  • Making a case to the Community Council to update their website to be easier to use and for better licensing (currently very restrictive) - piratey objectives.
  • Lauri Love press release was a success.
  • Begun downloading blogs from Manchester Wordpress site but there are loads. Will take time.
  • Proof read request on RCDF (Rural Community Development Fund expression of interest application, which is a case we're putting toward for funding in St Athan to improve the local public park)


Any Other Business

PPI is asking us (politely) to tell them what our issues with them are.

  • They say this is so they can fix them, but we may get dragged into a debate.
  • WT to informally get back in touch with them

Email from DemocracyPlus. Anyone planning to follow up?



Next meeting: October 12th 8:30

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