All Hands Meeting Minutes, Late-November 2016 Meeting

Wednesday, 30 November, 2016 - 20:30
Adrian Farrel (AF)
Stephen Ogden (SO)
Harley Faggetter (HF)
Micahel Moriarty (MM)
Not Present: 
Jack Allnutt (JA)
Andrew Robinson (AR)
Liam Souter (LS)
Will Tovey (WT)
Andrew McCallum (AM)
David Elston (DE)


Meeting Recording

Meeting has moved to Discord from Mumble.
Discord doesn't have recording capabilities.
The meeting decided recordings are no longer necessary.


Decisions made since last meeting:

Campaigns team putting together our obvious stance on the DE Bill.
One Video already created, campaigns page on the website pending.


Actions from previous meetings:

WT to e-mail Sam again at some point

  • Accounts: Decided no longer beneficial to chase this.
  • Laptops etc.: WT to continue to chase.

JA make contact with Bex wrt stock and stuff

  • No progress.

HF: Get SSL certs to renew automagically.

  • Mumble may still be complaining about certs. we no longer care about Mumble.
  • End of month test results for cert renewal is: "No complaints thus far"
  • Consider this action closed.

HF: Pursue reduction in hosting costs.

  • Ongoing: IT team is tidying infra to make it easier to deal with.
  • Target before Jan invoice.

SO: Find out what is going on with bank account

  • DE: Discovered payments by direct transfer are bouncing back, new members unable to join.
    • Web site points to Sheffield bank account
    • DE: Temporary action: remove reference to bank account from the web pages.
  • Only SO and WT can make the appointment with a proper business person.
  • SO and WT to discuss which branch to go to and then whom shall attend.
  • SO: To try the work-local branch again.

DE: Manchester branch status still uncertain.

  • DE to Contact Maria.

DE: Edward Richmondo no longer a paying member and visibility on the website front has been removed - no longer a team member.

DE: Minutes missing from website (still)

Board due to "Take stock" of Andrew McCallum's attendance.

  • AF to run a board vote on Andrew being absent.


Matters Arising

DE: Can we make the switch to Discord as our new normal?

  • Decided to use Discord henceforth
  • DE to update links to mumble with links to Discord.

DE: Can treasury provide a budget for what we can spend on the up coming local elections?

  • DE get costings
  • DE to ping WT about available cash

Lincoln branch. Email from Tom Hardman to leadersoffice

  • SO: reply, say thanks, invite to discord


Activity Report


  • Not what you would call "a lot".
  • A bit of Twitter and some conversations with assorted European Pirates who were hanging out in Korea.


  • Created videos, blogs, press releases primarily along with Mark but have had input from Harley and stole IT people to account for lack of press team. Everything still using three pirate rule.


  • As above / drafting boundary response / some Twitter activity.


  • Arguing with IT team. Proofreading stuff occasionally. Usual stuff


Any Other Business

DE: Suggests removing all payment options except annual as it creates a huge amount of administration that we simply cannot handle. 12 pound yearly and reduced 3 pound yearly should suffice. Remove the quarterly, bi-annual and monthly payments. Existing members on old plans should not be affected.

DE: Please use trello more (



Date of next meeting: 14th December 8.30pm in Discord.

Think about having a further quick meet on 21st - Decide on the 14th.

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