All Hands Meeting Minutes, Early-November 2016 Meeting

Wednesday, 9 November, 2016 - 20:30
Michael Moriarty (MM)
Adrian Farrel (AF)
Harley Faggetter (HF)
Will Tovey (WT) chair
Stephen Ogden (SO)
Not Present: 
Andrew McCallum (AM)
Jack Allnut (JA)
Liam Souter (LS)
Andrew Robinson (AR)
David Elston (DE)


Decisions made since last meeting:



Actions from previous meetings:

WT to email Sam again at some point

  • Accounts
  • Laptops etc.

JA make contact with Bex and CC wrt stock and stuff

HF: Get SSL certs to renew automagcally.

  • Mumble may still be complaining about certs
  • End of month for cert renewal
  • No notice of emails of impending certificate expiry yet. May be a couple weeks yet before we can be confident it's all fine.
  • Recommend kicking forward to next meeting.

HF: Pursue reduction in hosting costs.

WT: Refund SO for servers invoices

  •  SO has now received money

AF: Post the Brexit blog and start the discussions

  • Done, discussions are underway and here:

SO: Find out what is going on with bank account

  • DE: Discovered payments by direct transfer are bouncing back, new members unable to join.
    • Web site points to Sheffield bank account
  • SO has not done this yet.



0) Matters Arising

  • None

1) Edward Richmondo still listed under Campaigns team and some other areas.

He isn't a Governor - due to inactivity. Has anyone heard from him? If not suggest removal from site.

  • DE Check ER's account status and remove if he hasn't logged in for a while - else chase if he still wishes to be a member

2) Andrew McCallum listed as Governor but inactive. Suggest removal.

  • Board to take stock of entire board and see how to progress, AM will be considered in this

3) We need to take stock and consider if Manchester is a branch any longer. If not, suggest removal from []

  • Perhaps revisit Maria for potential branch contact and "HappyLoaf" Daniel guy.
  • If branch is alive/willing to be acitve, download info - else pend indefinitely.

4) Consider party Ambassador appointments

  • Icelandic electons have resulted in some interesting offers for help, including some sort of celebrity types. Separate role from spokesperson so not to require in depth knowledge of a certain subject. Something generally for celebrities or some such. Party Secretary remit;

5) Consider replacing our links to IRC AND mumble to Discord.

  • Better engagement from the public and no one seems to use IRC to respond anyway (always have to chase through facebook/twitter etc) Cross-platform.
  • Keep existing services in place as a back-up.
  • Direct people to discord on the website, no longer advertise IRC but "keep it running".
  • DE to test audio on Discord and in next meeting attempt a swap from mumble to discord to see if the shoe fits.

6) Minutes are missing from the website and the people are noticing.

  • Offers of help are also combined with "We don't know what's going on in the party because there are no minutes since march".
  • Suggest someone from the Board take the AP to upload missing minutes
  • DE has uploaded the odd one but time is wrapped up in press etc.
  • This breaches Board Code of Practice.

7) Consider turning off comments on the website and just direct people to the forum

  • Comments can be turned off - moderation queue huge, plenty of other areas for discussion.

8) Links to legacy wiki are almost gone, either through information no longer being needed or the information has been moved to the main site (it seems).

  • Consider moving remaining content to the site and shutting down legacy Plans to revive wiki for storing certain information, i.e processes, so turning it off now to turn it on later won't save much in terms of hosting/work.

9) Pirate Party Roadmap. As we start wrapping up the things we need to do just to survive, it might be handy to plan ahead.

10) Use trello more.

  • There are so many tasks currently spread out between e-mails/pads/different domains of pads that keeping track is getting impossible.
  • Suggest the phrase "Log it in Trello" become the norm.

11) Membership database is as broken as ever

  • DE currently sweeping the database to find while membership did drop to 400, it has increased, likely to go beyond 450 but exact figure currently unknown.
  • There was an issue with some people not realising the Reduced Membership was a recurring fee; this has been made clearer on the store page and a one-off Reduced Membership fee option has been added

12) We've laid out a lot of to-do tasks for volunteers to do but the frequency in which volunteers are available is slim.

  • Suggest putting out a call for serious volunteers: "Ever wanted to be a Pirate? Well now you can for FREE! For a limited time only, volunteers can have 1 year's free membership" or something promotional to actually get volunteers to engage/be active more.
  • Is anyone handling the existing volunteer system to put volunteers to work? If not, asking for more volunteers is counter productive.
  • MC and DE often push out this initially: when requests come in. Also talk to them on discord etc.
  • Some coming forward and ready to work/are doing work.
  • Would be good to have a volunteer to manage volunteers though, possibly with Trello assistance.


Activity Report


  • London meet, some IT stuff, and helping with some of the press releases


  • Posted Brexit Blog, started community discussion topic, copied to FB, and Tweeted


Any Other Business

Results from from last meeting's AOB:

  • Press release on PPIS (before and after election) went out and generated some traffic, volunteers and interest.
  • CNBC interview also went out on Friday featuring MC and DE
    • MC looked good and made a good point
    • DE a bit garbled by poor webcam (sourcing a new one) and not a particually strong clip.
  • Other press releases have gone out too. We're doing better than usual on this front.
  • Spudnik news quoted DE. USA pre-and-post election press releases out.

DE: Reminder: St Athan Charity asking for help getting votes for:



Date of next meeting: 30/11/2016

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