All Hands Meeting : Late January 2017

Wednesday, 25 January, 2017 - 20:30
Adrian Farrel (AF - OldDog) (Chair)
Will Tovey (WT - Duke)
Michael Moriarty (MM - Duck)
Andrew Robinson (AR - Andy_R)
Harley Faggetter (HF - Topperfalkon)
Not Present: 
Liam Soutar (LS)
Jack Allnutt (JA)
Jason Halsey (JH - HeadOpener)
David Elston (DE - ThyPirateDave)
Matt Johnson (MJ - Zapto)
Rebecca Sentance (RS)
Daniel King (DK)
Jason Winstanley (JW - Termy)


Minutes of All Hands Meeting, January 25th, 2017


Recording available at download

Decisions made since last meeting:


Actions from previous meetings:

WT to e-mail Sam again at some point

  • Laptops, Camera, etc. still need to be pursued (holding)

SO: Find out what is going on with bank account [I need more bank statements to finish the accounts

  • Action SO: Find out which branch could be usefully visited (holding)

DE: Manchester branch status still uncertain.

  • Continuing efforts with stress on Manchester branch needing leadership/co-ordination
  • Unpublish the pages

DE: Can treasury provide a budget for what we can spend on the up coming local elections

  • DE get costings assuming four candidates
    • DE: Currently £200.94 after speaking with other candidates based on their needs/wants. However if we want a strong campaign I would add approximately another £120, so £320.94. (Based on 4 candidates)
    • DE PayPal shows us holding £2822.27 but I am unaware of what our bills are, especially with IT migration going on.
    • AR: check Electoral Commision limits - possibly 150 per candidate?
    • WT: £320 sounds manageable from a Treasury point of view
    • Current status: trying to see who will fil out DPA forms and then pass to Mark
    • DE is chatting with prospective candidates to see that they understand us

Wikipedia tweaks after Kev Young

  • Looking for citation of not being affiliated
  • DE: Currently their minutes mention Chairman Councillor Kev Young has amended his interests but it is unclear as to why or what has been changed. No mention of Pirate Party UK resignation. I have attempted to contact Kev but he is mostly unresponsive. I have tried to contact the clerk to clarify but their e-mail address just bounces back. Suggest writing a letter to the clerk. Attempted e-mail can be found in this pad.



0) Matters Arising

a) Upload minutes of early Jan meeting

b) Status of nominations and elections

  • Set for closure on 2nd Feb. Termy and Dave have held conversations privately regarding roles. Please go vote if you haven't yet!

c) Progress on IT plan. MJ holds update

  • WT: payments to OVH Ltd have gone through, totalling £167.50 [is this the right amount?]
  • Somewhat ahead of schedule. Backend is migrating to new sever
  • Pads will be first service to move and be tested

d) PPUK meetup

  • DE: I've put the details we have so far on the website calendar
  • 25th March location and times to be agreed
  • May be able to assist with hotel costs

e) Electoral Commission & Accounts

  • EC has begun a formal investigation into late submission of statement of accounts [for 2015]. They are looking into if any offence has been committed. They invited an explanation by 27 January from us, to see if we have a "reasonable excuse." The letter is addressed to Sam Clark, as he was the registered treasurer at the relevant time.
    • Book appointment with bank in Birmingham for day of meetup
    • WT to chase SO to get action with meeting the bank


x) Activity Report

  • AF : Sigh. Nothing.
  • DE: Press Hit x3 (same story, does it count as three?) Lots of Press Release and blog stuff. Currently working on some local stuff to get more money. Fell for a 4chan troll. Don't forget my birthday next week. I'll be 21.(lies:D)
  • AR: sorry, no time atm.
  • HF: Not so much recently. Oh, but I made the press team mailing list actually email the right people now! :(


y) Any Other Business

  • Did Jack's membership expire?
    • DE: According to the membership database Jack is only a Site User; Membership role having expired. It expired 09/01/2017. According to paypal and the website the last payment made from Jack's e-mail address was 09/01/2016, which fits in with his expiry. No payments made for 2017. However, given the problems with the database at present and Jack's history with the party I would advise the Board or Treasury reach out to Jack again. Jack _did_ have a "non-recurring" membership option selected, so he may have just forgot to renew rather than intentionally not renewed.
    • AF to contact Jack - revisit this next meeting if no contact.
    • AF to put someting on the next agenda
  • Please vote in the internal elections (pretty please)
  • Glasgow/Scotland meetup 26th January



Next meeting: Weds 8th Feb @ 20:30

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