All Hands Meeting Late February 2017

Wednesday, 22 February, 2017 - 20:30
Adrian Farrel (AF - Old Dog) (chair) [Board]
Michael Moriarty (MM - Duck) [Board]
Harley Faggetter (HF - Topperfalkon) [Board & NEC]
Will Tovey (WT - Duke) [Board & NEC]
Matt Johnson (MJ - Zapto) [NEC]
Noah Stride (NS - Strideynet) [NEC]
David Elston (DE - ThyPirateDave) [NEC]
Stephen Ogden (SO - Azrael) [Board]
Mark Chapman (MC - PirateLennon) [NEC]
Not Present: 
Liam Soutar (LS) [Board]
Andrew Robinson (AR) [Board]
Jason Winstanley (JW - Termy)
Jason Halsey (JH - HeadOpener)

Decisions made since last meeting:

DE: NEC CoP amendment approved by NEC, will go live pending objections from Board. Link:

  • AF: Very hard to see what has changed. I see:
    • Line 13, new para on filling vacant roles
      • DE: Only Line 13 has been inserted, no other changes to review at present.
  • AF: I touched that pad for the sake of English if it is open season on the CoP. Otherwise, please ignore my edits.
  • NEC has voted in favour
  • Board vote: NEC CoP ammendment to go ahead as shown in pad 535
    • Yay: MM, AF, HF
    • Nay: None
    • Abstain: WT
  • Board has no objection

Actions from previous meetings:

WT to e-mail Sam again at some point

  • Laptops, Camera, etc. still need to be pursued
  • Still pending. Not much hope as seems to be no way to contact Sam.

Wikipedia tweaks after Kev Young

  • Looking for citation of not being affiliated
    • Action DE: Write a letter to the clerk of council based on attempted e-mail ( )
      • Letter sent
      • Waiting for a response (council meets next early March)

Jack Allnutt

Matters Arising

a) Completion of issues with HSBC

  • Statements should be in the mail to SO
    • Action: check with SO and at PO Box
    • Statements still needed for accounts and EC return
    • Online access pending statements and certainty that block is lifted
    • Bank balance believed to be between £200 and £800. Paypal £2,400
    • Did anyone book meeting with Birmingham branch on date of meetup?
      • Nothing booked. No action needed

b) Change of Bank

  • DE to investigate NatWest
    • Carried over but still the plan

c) Electoral Commission & Accounts

  • Reference
  • WT: Status of interactions with EC
    • Do they consider PPUK at fault?
      • Technically (legally) this is Sam's problem for 2015
      • For 2016 it will be Will's problem
    • What do they expect from us and when?
      • As much as possible as soon as possible.
    • Next steps?
      • Get bank statements from PO Box
      • Complete accounts and submit
    • HF/DE: Update to info held by EC
      • Removal of emblems 450 and 451
        • DE: still working out how to do this
      • Set correct officers (remove RR and JA, add current ones)
        • DE: Done, pending forms being signed
      • Add MJ as "other officer" with the EC
        • DE: Can do, just need some details
      • Keep SO as an 'officer' with the EC (so he just moves from Leader to 'Other')
        • DE: Done pending forms
  • Default is JW to act if this will wait until 6th March
    • Previous officer changes do need to happen pretty sharpish.
      • The Electoral Commission "prefer" to have been informed within 14 days of the change. Which we have now passed!
      • JW will also be unable to do anything till his own status has changed, and/or has PEF access, which might take time.
    • DE is working to notify new officers ASAP

d) E-Mail address updates

e) Progress of Nominations Election

  • Nominations period is closed
  • Vote opens on Monday for one week (27/2 - 6/3)
  • Getting the members to vote!
    • Typically we push to social media & members update that wasn't done much last election
    • MJ to arrange for a BIG RED BUTTON on the web site

f) Local Elections Update

  • DE
    • 2/7 have returned DPA forms without issue
    • 1 more awaiting meet up to exchange PGP key etc
    • 4 chased but no response
    • Will draft scehdule during March

g) Signs and Portents

  • Progress with semi-rigid signs
    • Pending
  • Progress with pins
    • DE: purchased and design sent off
  • Progress with flags
    • Need to get a committed count
    • AF: Set up pad
  • Progress with printed material

h) Regional branches

  • Dorset
    • JH/NS/HO pending
    • There are local elections which might act as a catalyst
  •  East Midlands branch.
    • No news

i) Update on IT plan (MJ)

  • Tagadab invoice
    • DE: The last invoice was paid
    • Next one in March is the final one
    • HF: e-mail Tagadab regarding cancellation
  • Migration to new server
    • Pads are done!
      • Contact Stridey or Zapto for a user!
    • Gitlab is done
      • Opportunity to discuss internal governance and use Gitlab to propose changes to constitution/CoC
    • Coming Very Soon:
      • Pirate.Cloud (PPUK File Storage for internal usage)
      • Internal Password Manager (Paypal etc)

j) PPUK meetup

  • 25th March meet at Queen Victoria statue around 11am.
  • MJ will supply phone number close to time for late comers
  • JH Updated FB event
    • If you could give JH more details on this location he will add it, also best car parks close etc might be useful? Forum post in writing for this, trains, parking etc.
  • Action on All: Make noise and get people there

k) MJ: Data Controller ICO registration is due this month.

  • Details have been e-mailed around the NEC.
  • Fee is £35
  • Current Controller Registered is AR. Need to change to MJ.
  • DE: Aquired information from AR to renew membership and update registration
  • Delegate Data Controller responsibilities via letter similar to Nominations devolutionary powers
  • DE: This is now urgent as it runs out in three days
  • ( )
  • Action DE to do it

l) Constitution changes

  • Proposal to make updates
    • Spelling and grammar
    • Change max Board size to 9
      • Check quorum is "of seated members" not "of maximum size of Board"
        • It is
    •  Mechanism for Leadership Challenge
      • Some discussion of this point was had
  • Plan
    • Changes to be made
      • Remove "line 14 of pad 54"
      • Reduce maximum board size to 9
      • Fix typos if highlighted
    • MC to prsent as referendum at same time as Nominations Officer vote
    • AF to sign-off with MC before referendum goes out
  • Board vote on "these changes to go to a referendum of the membership"
    • Yes: WT, AF, HF, MM
    • No: None
    • Abstain: None
    • Agreed
  • JW has sent an email to Mark to make him aware that this vote has taken place, and to check that it's feasible to get the vote out next week.

Activity Report


  • Helped with the the link is not safe PR and the OD taxing the link PR.
  • LinkedIn page added some content and pinned the be the pirate video.
  • Pushed for joining Discord to talk to us on both FB and LinkedIn.
  • Started with the set of seven principals on FB/Twitter/LinkedIn to try and increase engagement with a regular post across all three platforms.


  • Like others contributed to PR on "The Link is Not Safe" and amended NEC CoP.
  • Suggested alteration to constitution. Reviewed generic leaflet.
  • Interviewed by the Penguin's The Happy Reader.
  • Opened a dialogue with Reclaim the Power and Coal Action Network regarding local action here.
  • Wrote article with others ready for openDemocracy with others.
  • Ordered PPUK pin badges.


  • Reviewed the NEC CoP and Leadership Challenge pads. Reviewed the generic leaflet.

Any Other Business

1) Archiving of audio recordings?

  • Useful to have them short term for catchup
  • Useful to have them short term for minutes
  • Currently saved on Termy's VPS for one week temporarily, and publicly available
  • Do we need them long term?
    • Storage in PIrate.Cloud will be complete by next meeting.

2) Proposal to rename "Serious discussion" channel in Discord to "Policy discussion"

  • This was mentioned in chat and it was suggested that it could be discussed under AOB at the next All Hands meeting. "Serious discussion" is quite a vague name, whereas "Policy discussion" gives an idea of what could be talked about in the channel, which might inspire more activity. At the moment no-one is using the new channel
  • DE: We should decide which department moderation and control of things like Discord reside under. It isn't particually complicated IT, nor is there a financial impact, there is perhaps an argument for Campaigns but I would suggest Secretariat, same for the moderation of the forum, reddit and maintenance of the Community Guidelines.
  • The NEC shall decide. Falls under Secretary (with Campaigns)
    • NS may take up management depending on time constraints.

Date of next meeting

8th March 2017 at 20.30 on Discord (AF absent: HF/DE to chair)

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