All Hands Meeting early February 2017

Wednesday, 8 February, 2017 - 20:30
Adrian Farrel (AF - Old Dog) [chair]
David Elston (DE - ThyPirateDave) [NEC]
Michael Moriarty (MM - Duck)
Harley Faggetter (HF - Topperfalkon) [and NEC]
Matt Johnson (MJ - Zapto) [NEC]
Mark Chapmann (MC - PirateLennon) [NEC - not on voice]
Stephen Ogden (SO - Azrael)
Not Present: 
Lim Soutar (LS)
Will Tovey (WT)
Noah Stride (NS - Strideynet)
Jason Winstanley (JW - Termy)
Jason Halsey (JH - HeadOpener)
Sam Mills (SM - Henchman)


All Hands Meeting 8th February 2017

Decisions made since last meeting:


Actions from previous meetings:

WT to e-mail Sam again at some point

  • Laptops, Camera, etc. still need to be pursued (holding pending EC resolution)
  • WT absent

SO: Find out what is going on with bank account. Need more bank statements to finish the accounts

  • SO visited Canterbury branch. Confirmed a block exists.
    • Couldn't validate ID on phone
    • But...
      • Block is long-standing
      • Can be removed with a letter - done
      • Should be removed "soon"
      • Statements should be in the mail (to SO)

DE: Manchester branch status still uncertain.

  • Unpublish the Manchested pages from the Web site - Done
  • DE: Also unpublished now dead links etc

DE: Dorset Branch

  • There has been some chatter about a Dorset branch being set up
  • Discord channel has been created to see if this becomes a reality
  • Currently JH and NS, have not heard from discord name PirateDes recently
    • DE: PirateDes is a potential candidate who has signed DPA forms. I expect they will be quite active and involved - and could use your support come candidacy time should all go well. Catch me after the meeting to discuss.
  • Some discussion of possibly an East Midlands branch maybe (perhaps)

DE: Progress local elections

  • Currently setting potential candidates the task of DPA forms
  • Currently we have a possible 7 candidates but not all are responding
    • Two in hand and one in the pipe
  • Once DPA forms are complete, I'll pass to Nominations for "processing"
    • Between Noms and Ime we can vet candidates

Wikipedia tweaks after Kev Young

  • Looking for citation of not being affiliated

AF: Attempt to contact JA wrt expired membership

  • Attempted DM via Twitter and emails
    • No response
    • Quoting from constitution:

Members appointed or elected to a position may be relieved of their title and responsibilities should the Board find them to be absent for a period exceeding 28 days without prior notice.

  • Board vote to declare Jack Allnutt absent and remove him from Board and NEC
    • Yea: MM, HF, SO, AF
    • Nay: none
    • Abstain: none
    • Quorum 4/7 (4/8 if Jack counted)
  • AF: Send formal email
  • DE/AF: Tweak website


a) Internal elections

  • Congratulations to those elected.
  • Termy: Don't go away!
    • JW: Not gonna happen. NomsOfficer election taking place for a month, started Monday.
      • Will finish 10pm on March 6th (which feels like an age away.
    • How worried are we by small turn-out? (21 Votes)
      • Would need to compare with previous elections to know if there is a loss
        • Oct '15 Board Election (single candidate) - 14 Votes
        • Jun '15 NEC Election (Cris / Rebecca / David joining NEC) - 40 Votes
        • Jun '15 Full Board Election - (12 candidates for 12 seats) - 31 Votes
        • Oct '14 Campaigns Manager (single candidate) - 21 Votes
        • May '14 Nominations Officer (single candidate) - 19 Votes
      • Given the above, my summary would be yes it's low - but not abnormally so for the party
      • Possible factors to a loss in turn out:
        • Wasn't pushed on social media
        • Membership lower since last election
        • Only 2 positions opened, instead of full NEC, less to vote for
      • Next election try harder
        • More obvious on web page
        • More social media

e) DE: I've bumped this up the agenda as later items depend on the outcome

  • Decide whether JA has expired as member and so is no longer a Board member (Done, see above)
  • Act accordingly
    • De-list from website
    • Remove from email alias
  • Consider resultant size of Board
    • Need to recruit?
    • Need to amend constitution to reduce upper bound on Board size?
    • DE: It was decided board be reduced to 9, we need to put this to the membership via referendum. The Board need to complete the Constitution Amendment Process (Currently on stage 3). However, even with Board reduction to 9, that still leaves 2 vacant seats, which I suggest is fine for now and can be reviewed at a later date •
    • Note from Termy: If required, run the vote with MC's assistance. If the voting period does stretch past the point of March 6th when I'm elected as NO, I'll be extending MC the offer of staying in post as Deputy if he would like to (and I hope he does, as I'm not 100% sure on how the new election platform works anymore...)
    • Note from MC: Agree that it makes sense to try and combine the votes, but would need to check what the constitutional amendment rules are in terms of timing, how long membership need to 'consider' the suggestions etc. If they can't be run together then no great worries as far as I am concerned - more important that the Constitutional Amendment is done correctly, and we have the correct text etc. (Equally, are there any other changes that we want to make at the same time?)
    • Meeting had a preference to bundle all constitutional amendments together
      • That means we have until the next All Hands to complete/reject all proposed changes

b) Electoral Commission & Accounts

  • WT: Status of interactions with EC
    • Do they consider PPUK at fault?
    • What do they expect from us and when?
    • Next steps?
  • WT absent
  • DE: I've reviewed the information held by the EC but I don't have access to change anything
    • Suggest Emblems 450 and 451 be removed and we only use 452
      • MC: Agree with this. 452 is the only emblem I can ever see us using.
      • JW: If this can't be changed before 06-MAR, I'll deal with it when I have my access instated (someone will need to remind me closer to the time)
    • Remove RR and JA from other officers list
    • Update Leader from SO to DE (will this provide me edit access with EC?)
    • Add MJ as "other officer" with the EC
    • Is it worth keeping SO as an 'officer' with the EC (so he just moves from Leader to 'Other') to show oversight and continuity?
      • DE: There isn't any harm in this. It can be done as part of the Financial Oversight Committee role, should SO agree. SO is also the person the PO Box is registered to so it may be prudent.
        • SO agrees
  • Action: HF/DE get officers changed
    • JW: As per EC Docs: "If you want to replace a registered officer, change an existing officer's details (for example, if their name has changed) or you want to appoint a campaigns officer, you must tell us within 14 days of any changes."
  • Can we use role-based addresses for everyone to avoid personnel changes screwing us in the future?
    • No. The EC requires individual contacts for each person as you become legally liable as an individual when signing on to the EC for certain things - I doubt they would allow 1 e-mail address for 6 different people. Treasurer is the one legally liable for the accounts for example.
    • If you're interested, the full list of role-based e-mail addresses is on the website under Connect & Contact. Direct link:
    • Therefore no action

c) Progress on IT plan. MJ holds update

  • New IT Plan:
    • Progress is happening. Basic systems nearly done which means public facing systems can open soon i.e Etherpad
    • Etherpad currently in testing on new infra, however this is not signed off for official use. Continue using old pads for now
  • NS going on holiday from friday until the saturday following. May be unable to be contacted.
  • MJ will have alot of spare time soon so may be able to get a tonne done. Now election is done can log back into Infra.
  • Tagadab invoice due and plan to pay this one (takes us to June)
    • MJ to check notice period and potential for pro-rata refund

d) PPUK meetup

  • 25th March meet at Central Library (Bimingham) around 11am. 
  • There will be a phone number close to time for late comers.
  • DE: I've updated the website with the time and precise place
  • Time to ensure wide advertisement to maximise attendance
    • Action on All: Make noise and get people there

f) DE: Data Controller ICO registration is due this month.

  • Details have been e-mailed around the NEC.
  • I've passed all my Interim Data Controller stuff on to MJ.
  • Fee is £35
  • Current Controller Registered is AR, naturally change to MJ
  • Recommended future delegaton of Data Controller responsibilities be done via letter similar to Nominations devolutionary powers
  • Action: MJ will run with this

g) DE suggests to the Board that while putting the referendum to the membership for the Board size to be reduced, that a Leadership Challenge mechanism be put into the Constitution. I can add it to the NEC Code of Practice but then I also have the ability to remove it, which offers little safeguard.

  • What are you trying to do/prevent with this and is it urgent?
  • Would it be better covered in a more thorough review of the Constitution which comes back with a number of potential amendments and updates?
  • It is my understanding this would fall under point 10 (which may require the heading to be changed) or it perhaps more fittingly be placed under Point 9 within Extra-Ordinary Elections.
  • Fix spelling and grammar as we go
    • The final changed revision can go to vote if necessary (decide next meeting)

Activity Report



  • Clipped Mark's appearance on BBC2 into a youtube video and fired over social media
  • Also helped a little with the above PR^ and this PR along with other press things
  • Sent out Leader's update
  • Checked with Nationwide and Co-op on possibilities for switching banks
    • AF: If we don't need branches then I'd say Triodos
    • Action: DE to poke NatWest to find out how that would be
  •  Asked all Candidates for DPA form completions
    • Now passed all Data Controller documents to MJ who can go through other volunteers


  • Helped with the secrets act/whistle blower press realese, by highlighting the changes and helping with a section of the release from the review itself.


  • Visited bank, put in letter to remove the inhibit
  • Stepped down as acting leader


  • Lost an election. Stepped up for a different role.
  • Press related stuff, proof-reading and the like.

Any Other Business

Time to decide whether this is now truly an All hands meeting, continues as a Board meeting, is an NEC meeting or whatever. Doesnt actually make a lot of difference except for formal decisions and minutes.

  • JW: I like the Board and NEC and everyone meets together regularly, however I think now the NEC is getting back to strength, the Board and NEC should also meet together as separate teams to make any decisions that need to be done in between monthly All-Hands.
  • DE: Leave it as it is (a Board meeting). Think about it when NEC is bigger and more active
  • Agenda getting longer, but until it becomes a problem, no action required.
  • DE getting signs (brittle flags)
  • MC: Generic Leaflets
    • Can we agree on some format/wording and I'll get ~5k or something printed and sent to Wales for Dave to carry to Brum and distribute if he's coming by car anyway. Thinking in order to be suitably introductory and generic.
    • Action on all: review the flyer SOON
  • DE: Board to update this page: to include WT's term as Chair and AF's term as Deputy (I don't know the dates)
    • Sadly, also Jack departing
    • Action AF


Date of next meeting: Weds 22 February 2017: 20.30: @Discord

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