NHS, free at the point of delivery (EU 2014)

A poster about the Pirate Party commitment to an NHS that is available to all equally, free at the point of delivery and on the basis of need, not ability to pay.

Created using inkscape on Debian

Available to all equally, free at the point of delivery, on the basis of need not ability to pay.

It's your NHS, dont let anyone take it away.

Remember that if you are going to hand these out in an election period, you have to include the address of the person who printed it and the printer - or speak to your local Party branch or the campaigns team.  The written address (The bit that says printed, promoted and on behalf of) is an important part of election law in the UK as it makes it clear who has produced and paid for a particular piece of material!

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All our materials, whether posters, leaflets, videos, audio or anything else (including almost all of what you find on this site) is all available under permissible licenses.  That means you can copy, edit them and reuse them.  If you want to print your own copies of our leaflets and media to help us out feel free - but during elections if you are distributing anything, you need to follow the rules and include information about where the material was printed and if it was authorised by the party or candidate.  

You can edit the material and use it for your own projects too, regardless of what it is. The only thing we ask is that you credit the party somewhere in the work you create and that you release it in a way that others can reuse it too.  If you can't meet that requirement, you can contact us and we'll do whatever we can to help you out.

If you use this material, print it out and display it, or create something new with us, let the campaigns team know. If you want to get involved with our campaigns team to work with us to create content, go volunteer!  We'd love to see what you come up with and how our stuff is being used!

For more information about the fonts, colours and logos we use, go check out the design page.

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