Mark Chapman


Having followed politics closely as an observer for over 10 years, Mark recently decided that in order to make a difference and bring about change he should get more directly involved.

Like many others, Mark had been disenchanted by all the main parties, but then found the Pirate Party and realised that this was what he had been looking for! With its focus on evidence-based policy, on the Internet and technology as something to be optimistic about rather than fearful, and the underlying principle that society is best when knowledge is shared, he found his political home.

Mark has lived in London for the last 10 years. He is a local school Governor, father of two small boys and member of the local residents' association - giving him a real stake in his community. As a committed cyclist, he is a member of the London Cycling Campaign. He is standing for election to encourage openness and transparency of Lambeth Council. One of his goals is to take back power from the Council and return it to the people, so that everyone feels empowered to make a real difference to their local area. Outside of politics, he enjoys watching Surrey and England at the Oval as well as sampling the wide variety of locally brewed Real Ales.

In May 2014 Mark stood for local election in the London ward of Vassall in Lambeth. He achieved an incredible result for a first-time local election which had only run a short campaign.

In May 2015 Mark stood for general election in the Vauxhall constituency. He achieved our highest vote total for a London constituency.


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