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Aren't Parties Over?

You might think political parties belong in the past. You wouldn't be alone - the main parties are losing our confidence fast. But the thing is, they still call the shots. That's why our freedoms are being eroded. That's why digital rights are under attack. That's why we aren't all getting our fair share in this society. 

That won't change until we get more people like you involved in front line politics, rather than the same grey identikit politicians. I got fed up of waiting for the people in charge to get better, to listen. You are just as good as them, you've got ideas that are worth listening to to make this world better. This is the chance to share them.

Being a party member allows you to have a say over candidates for elections, and put yourself forward. It gives you the final say over policy, how the party is run and by who. It's a chance to get involved in a growing global movement and meet like-minded people.

Joining also helps us keeps our campaigning running. After all, defending free culture doesn't come cheap! But being a member of The Pirate Party is great value at £12. That's just a quid a month. Whatever the chancellor does, that won't get you much else these days. 

Joining up has been one of the best things I've ever done. It's led to a lot exciting, challenging, scary, and fulfilling things. I hope you want to join me on this voyage too!


David A Elston
Pirate Party Deputy Treasurer
Pirate Party Former Deputy Leader


Regular membership

Sign up for or renew a regular membership - Regular membership is for anyone who wishes to support the party in our political goals. It also means you can shape the party by voting in internal elections.

Membership fees start at £12 a year, with the option of paying quarterly (£3 per quarter), or monthly (£1 per month) and form the core of our annual needs. Your membership helps the party run campaigns and win elections!


If you wish to support the party but don't want to join us, or you wish to contribute financially, you can use the donation link to make a one off donation or setup a regular payment to us. As with the membership fee, we use your donations to campaign for the issues you can read about on this site and to win elections!

Donors are essential for the party. Donors enable us to campaign for what we believe in, stand in elections and stand up for you.

Please be aware, to comply with electoral commission rules on party donations, we must take a name and address of donors under certain circumstances. See terms and conditions for more details.


Reduced Membership

Sign up for or renew a reduced membership -A reduced membership is for anyone who wishes to support the party but may have a limited income. Students, anyone over the age of 60 or anyone who may have a reduced income (i.e. unemployed) are eligible for a reduced membership.

Reduced memberships cost £3 (that's 25p a month!) and have exactly the same voting privileges, etc as regular members.

We do not check your financial status and operate this reduction on an honesty based system.


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Voting closes: Sunday, 4 October, 2020 - 23:59
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