Jebediah Hedges

Jebs is a South Wales candidate for the Pirate Party UK.

As a store manager and member of the “Holton Road Traders” group that petitions and debates issues with local government he has a keen understanding of the challenges that local businesses face and what they need from local government. As a believer in the key Pirate principle of transparent and open Government Jeb is strongly opposed to the controversial incinerator being built at the docks.

He believes that something that is as potentially damaging as this needs to have the informed consent of the local people and it is very clear that the potential health risks and environmental assumptions undertaken are not being clearly shared for critique and criticism.

As a musician who does professional work and has a degree in music he keenly understands the issue of copyright and the effect of our current copyright law on working musicians. Jeb is running as a Pirate in order to give people a viable alternative to the tired politics of the past – to enable people to vote for someone who will put them first, not the party the are standing for – and to open up local government to local people.

Jebs is a musician and talks about the merits of creativity beyond commercial and took a stance against the ill thought out guidelines on FGM, which created illegal vaginas.


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