Jason Halsey


Having followed politics closely as an observer for longer than he wishes to admit to, Jason recently decided that in order to actually effect the changes to the system he desperately wanted for his children, he should get more directly involved.
Jason hopes to show everyone that there is an alternative to the same old politics. By doing what is right for the Constituency and the Country as a whole, with openness, transparency, and honesty, he believes politicians can create a better society for us all.
He believes that the amount of lobbying by big business and big unions is getting in the way of the democratic process, and that it should be the people who govern themselves, and who 'allow' business and unions to work for us.
Living within Bournemouth since 1996 with a handful of years away for work in between, Jason has been married for 20 years and is the father of two children. Having lived for so many years within the constituency Jason has seen it at its best and worse.
When he looks at Bournemouth today, he sees drunken violence, drug abuse and addiction, homelessness, crippling debt for minimum wage workers who endure a wage lower than the cost of living, and university students that start their lives with debts that will hang over them for most, if not all of their lives. 
With his wife having previously been treasurer of a local parent teacher association at one of his children’s schools, Jason observed the funding cuts, that meant that such associations must do more to raise much needed monies for children to have valuable school trips and transportation.
It's these experiences that have brought Jason to the Pirate Party, a place with true democratic ideals where anyone, no matter where they are from or what they do, has an equal say.
Jason comes from a scientific background: throughout his working life he has worked with technical products and services and has a rigid belief that evidence should lead all policy decisions. He strives to bring about a future that is beneficial for the next generation as a whole, rather than just a select few. 


Spokesperson for Work & Pensions
Electoral Reform Spokesperson


Topics very close to his heart include:

  • Education: With both his children going to local schools, Jason would support reversing the school funding cuts and scrapping tuition fees for British students.
  • Homelessness: Jason would support the current homeless strategy and utilise some great initiatives in the local area such as the AOK Rucksack Appeal suspended coffee schemes in some Café’s.
  • Alcohol & Drugs: Jason would support the Dorset Alcohol & Drugs strategy and initiatives such as the Trinity Project, to keep our streets clean and free from drug related paraphernalia.
  • Civil Liberties: These need protecting now more than ever, and we should all have a right to privacy and to be treated equally regardless of conditions at birth. Jason opposes the IP and DE Bills.
  • Proportional Representation: To ensure that every vote matters, Jason strongly believes that our first past the post system should be replaced with Proportional Representation.
  • Information Security: The recent Cyber attacks show that we need people in Government who understand IT and the threats to our critical infrastructure. The Pirate Party Understand the value of digital rather than fear and censor it.
  • Green Energy: Jason would support reviewing the Feed In Tariff (FIT) changes made in 2016 to promote more renewables.


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