Board Code of Practice

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Board Code of Practice

Postby M2Ys4U » Sat Feb 12, 2011 1:53 am

Yesterday the Board drafted our first Code of Practice, as mandated by the constitutional amendments that we will put forward for vote soon. It is available on the wiki and, for your convenience, here:


There will be monthly Board meetings, which all Governors will be expected to attend or to make apologies for. The meetings will usually be held in the #ppuk-board channel on the PPUK IRC server.

Seven voting Governors are required for a quorum. A decision by the majority of those present is binding.

Making constitutional amendments

The process for making a constitutional amendment has seven steps:
  1. Proposition of amendment to the Board. Anyone can do this at any time!
  2. Internal Board discussions.
  3. Consultation with the NEC.
  4. Post-NEC consultation internal Board discussions.
  5. Consultation with members. This will usually occur via the Board of Governors forum.
  6. Post-member consultation internal Board discussions.
  7. Member vote.
These steps can be quite slow, but have seemed to work quite well so far.

Discipline and arbitration

Disciplinary panels shall consist solely of 5 Governors selected on the Board's discretion, but subject to any further condition. Any Governor with a potential and significant interest in the matter before a disciplinary panel cannot sit on that panel.

A panel will be set up following an official request received by the Board for discipline of a Party member or arbitration of a dispute. The panel will sit for as long as necessary.

The panel will investigate all of the available facts, and come to a decision. The panel will act independently of the rest of the Board and of the NEC.

Decisions of the Board shall be binding on all members in the case of disciplinary matters, or on the appellant in the case of arbitration matters. The Board cannot be bound by decisions of a disciplinary or arbitration panel.
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