Scottish meetup

Scottish meetup

Postby cabalamat » Mon Nov 14, 2011 9:56 pm

We haven't had a Scottish meetup for some time, so I suggest we have one. Unless there are other suggestions, I suggest we have it in Edinburgh in about 2 weeks time.

All Scottish local authorities are up for election in May next year. I know that 6 months ahead seems like plenty of time, but it isn't. We need to start preparing for these elections now.

I'd like to see us emulate the Berlin Pirates' success from 2 months ago, and I think we have a reasonable chance to do so. People are increasingly feeling alienated from the old parties and feel uneasy at where Britain is going. There's also the Occupy movement, which seems to have gathered a lot of momentum behind it and I think we can use some of that to frame the issues and help us win.

Thinking about Edinburgh in particular, like Berlin it is a cosmopolitan capital city with lots of people willing to consider new ideas. So I think it's somewhere we have a good chance of emulating Berlin, although we also do thoughout Scotland.
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