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2017 General Election Manifesto

See a copy of our Snap General Election 2017 Open Manifesto here.

Campaigns Team

The Campaigns team is responsible for coordinating and organising national campaigning and elections as well as supporting candidates.  The more people, money and support we have, the more we can do, the more of a difference we can make! 

There are some specific things we have to do:

  • Act as the main focus for members and the public.
  • Coordinating the party's communications on our websites.
  • Producing video, audio and other material for use in campaigns and elections.
  • Coordinating the recruitment of candidates with the nominations team.
  • Coordinating the recruitment and training of party spokespeople with the press team.
  • Helping to make sure that the party has a presence at national events by supporting our branches.
  • Coordinating international relations through the international team.

Right now we are under-staffed and over tasked, which has a serious impact on our ability to deliver projects at a rate that would allow the party to reach its aims in the time required. We need your help to improve the situation.  Your time and skills are valuable to us, they can make a massive difference to the party, so get involved if you can!

Because of the work that was put in to elections in 2012 and 2013, we saw our best ever election results and for the first time we received more votes than well established parties such as the Liberal Democrats, UKIP, TUSC and Respect in some elections.  To keep that up we need to keep growing and focusing on the important issues that we all believe in.

Not only were the results of these elections better than before, but they were better coordinated and managed and run with better material and a more coherent message.  We have made sure to be prepared at an earlier point and able to deliver more detailed financial and campaigning data to the public and the party.  Importantly we delivered consistently and ahead of schedule with all administrative elements, from financial returns to the initial nominations which meant we had more time to make sure our candidates were supported and voters were better informed.

We also had more people out on the ground than ever before and put together the broad and localised material needed.  We also held more stalls and public events, took part in more hustings and were better able to set the tone of the election than ever before.  


Another major area the campaigns team wants to work on is expanding  the readily available pool of material resources, including audio, video,  photography and other imagery.  We also badly need to expand our team of copy writers- for campaigns, leaflets, press releases and articles . Work is underway to pool this material together and use it for website content, leaflets and other  printed material and merchandising.  You can help by creating new  material for us, or for your local branches - you can get help with that  by looking at our pages for activists.

Campaigns Team

Dept Treasurer

We are currently working on:

Video of jRIcysLt7P8


The Government is continuing it's tradition of believing it is allowed to operate in secret while the rest of us must be subject to their investigatory powers even when completely innocent and without reasonable suspicion. These powers can be used to deep dive into anyone's personal lives without any kind of court order.

The formal opposition aren't suggesting much better and think the IP bill is not inherently bad but simply needs tweaking.

We are running our policy process for 2015 now!

We've been proud to run on British politics' first crowd sourced manifesto. And of course it's time to update and upgrade.  This process will run until the 21st of March online and offline and will allow the party to make sure our positions are up to date, and up to scratch for the General Election. To get it right, we need your help:

You can tell us about your ideas, and discuss it publicly on or join the discussion on reddit

STOP DRIP - No to Mass Surveillance

In one short week, the UK Parliament is set to ram through a new bill on mass surveillance. It is the "Data Retention and Investigatory Powers" Bill, AKA DRIP. Even though the Government says it will change nothing, it will in fact attack our right to a private life and extend mass surveillance further.

DRIP will undermine human rights

DRIP was a stitch up between the 3 main parties behind closed doors

DRIP tightens the grip of mass surveillance 

DRIP will extend surveillance powers

DRIP will be forced through in less than a week, with no proper scrutiny

The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill will allow the state to force Internet and phone companies to store your personal data so it can be accessed at will by a large number of public bodies.

The Home Office has claimed it's a matter of "life and death". Is you ringing your partner or family telling them you forgot to pick up the milk a matter of life and death? Under DRIP it is, and you need to be recorded.

"My sole motive is to inform the public as to that which is done in their name and that which is done against them." - Edward Snowden

If this decade's politics has been dominated by anything it is the whistleblower.  October 2010 saw the largest classified military leak in history by Wikileaks- the Iraq war logs. In so many ways this has set the tone for what has followed , whether it is here in the UK with the NHS or on the world stage with the Edward Snowden revelations.  Names like Snowden and Manning now household names. But equally people who aren't so famous do us a service  speaking up in defence of others, in every part of our society.  Thanks to them, we know about  neglect in care homes, fraud in charities, sexual abuse, asbestos workers exposed to harm.

The online revolution has transformed our lives forever. Never before have we had such an opportunity to share information, express our opinions and participate in new opportunities. The Pirate Party believes it's time to think about digital rights rather than digital privilege.

The online economy is now worth £82 billion a year. The Internet now contributes to over 20% of economic growth in the UK. It's used for everything from banking and shopping to accessing council services and applying for schools for our children; it is vital that all can participate on an equal footing.

Sharing is Caring

“The only way to even try to limit file sharing, is to introduce surveillance of everybody’s private communication.” ― Christian Engström Rick Falkvinge, The Case for Copyright Reform


The Pirate Party wants a fair and balanced copyright law that is suitable for the 21st century. Copyright should give artists the first chance to make money from their work, however that needs to be balanced with the rights of society as a whole.

The Issue.

The US/EU Free Trade agreement (which is also known as The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)) will be the biggest free trade agreement ever, if it is signed.

The EU and US are claiming that the deal could boost the EU's economy by £120 billion and the US economy by £75 billion over 10 years. Negotiations started in July 2013 and still continue. If signed, it will have a massive impact on every man, woman and child in the UK, yet the details of it are being negotiated in secret and we aren't being properly consulted on what is being given away.

We are asking you to contact your Member of Parliament to ask them to support Early Day Motion 147. It need not take long, the important thing is you tell them how you feel on this issue. Not all MPs can sign EDMs, front benchers don't as a rule, but it is still important that you take this opportunity to let them know you care about mass surveillance.

The Issue

Right now, we don't know how many websites are blocked in the UK or exactly which are, but we do know that the five largest ISPS are blocking a lot of websites.  These sites have been singled out by the likes of movie studios and the music industry. Both of these industries are trying to prop-up their refusal to innovate or accept societal changes by looking for ever broader methods of protecting what they see as their exclusive rights.

The blocks here in the UK prevent access to far more than specific films or songs owned by those taking action, they are broad blocks preventing access to whole sites and hinder innovation in methods to ensure that people have access to art, culture, music and other media.

There is nothing more important than your health and knowing you can talk to a doctor or nurse in confidence. Now this government has put that at risk.  Your doctor will soon have to constantly supply your personal medical data to a central information centre, the "Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC)". And these data can be given to organisations outside the NHS. 

All too many people don't know this is happening. This is the most sensitive and intimate information about you and your loved ones.

The government has created dangerous uncertainty about how this information will be used. This has the potential to stop people seeking care. We're worried, for instance, that due to this people with mental health conditions will be less willing to seek the help they need. 

The Pirate Party wants to give you the power to choose that the Conservatives and Lib-Dems have denied you.

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