Why Pirate ?

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In the run up to the election the calls for tactical voting are increasing. Newspapers are telling you how to vote. Celebrities are being wheeled out to tell you how to vote. There are ever louder cries for people to abandon their principles and gamble on a particular outcome. Even though the outcome of this election is the most uncertain in recent history.

Every attempt is being made to squeeze every small party vote by appealing to the fears of either Miliband or Cameron as Prime Minister. When frankly quite a lot of us don't rate either.

So why vote Pirate then, when so much is at stake this time?

The simple answer is that every vote for us is a vote for a different agenda. That politics' priorities should be set by all the people, not  just by Westminster insiders, a Murdoch press and celebrity bigmouths.

On an issue like mass surveillance for example the Tories and Labour will conclude if they benefit from tactical voting, that voters are willing to sacrifice personal freedoms. They will continue to say that people don't care, or at least care enough, about mass surveillance to make it a political priority. Which explains how we have got here in the first place.

That goes for practically every issue voters have contacted me about during the campaign- from TTIP, really protecting the NHS, the environment, energy, cycling, meaningful tax reform, human rights, animal welfare to football governance.

There is a whole world of opinions and issues out there which has not been touched by the mainstream politicians.

To repeat something I have said before, I want a politics done with people not to them. This election couldn't be a better example of what I mean about politics being done to people.

If you want a different agenda you'll have to be brave and vote for it.

That's why Pirate.

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