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For the big parties it seems that their donors are all too often controversial or something they would rather not draw attention to. Well here at Pirate Party UK we are “powered by” small donations from the grassroots. We're proud to say thanks to the people who donated to our European election campaign . As we pointed out, even just standing in one region costs £5k. Which probably should answer those of you who who wanted to know why we weren't running in more regions, much as we would have loved to. You'll just have to shell out the Bitcoins again, and that's why we send out the fundraising tweets … !

There's a thing which pops up on social media every now and again about how politicians should be made to wear clothes with the party sponsors on. I'd be happy to wear a jacket with these names on. A craft project for someone?

Seriously, many thanks to Stefan Thoni, Jack Grahl, Daniel Herz, Melvin Burton, Rob Jonson, Ralph Bolton, Gareth Davidson, Martin whatley, Nicholas Cripps, Alex Finney, Emma Barrat, Matty Kaye (not a relation as far as I am aware), Huw O'Sullivan, Phile Goldsbrough, Thue Nikolajsen, Freddie Sackur, Marc Scott, Keith Graham, Paul Chaplin, Patrick Cox, Eoin Commane, Brian Ridley, Angela Kerry Miller, Richard Mullens, Simon Orr, Luke Norris, Hector G D Hamilton, Liz Lutgendorff, Colin Mackay, Peter Grant, Sophie, Austin France, Niki Flux, Rednic Silversaber, Richard King, Dan Stevens, Matt Williams, Matthew Rowe, Jeremy Drake, Orta Therox, Mark James Talbot, Peter Brett, Harry Percival, Jed Richards, Ian Wolf, Stewart Harbinson, Alex Spedding, Richard Peall, Antonio Luis, Omega Weapon, Micheal John Ward, Gerard Sinclair, Alexander Martin, Richard Neill, Robert Hoggarth, Michael Mitchell, Daniel Fadil, Ben Mustil-Rose, Andrew Lott, Ben Saxon, Joe Searle, Richard Haythornthwaite, Alex, Rajat Jain, Chris Pickford, Tim Hammond, Neil Bird, Matt Cox, Andy Dyton, Cristian Haddad Reaney, Rebecca Rae, Levi Lewis-Olding, Gefion, Tony Marks, Anton Channing, John Stubbs, David Neal, Maxim Grunewald, Dominic Humphries, Edward Davis, Jim Bailey, Joe Jennings, Emma McClure, Harley James Faggetter, Dave Murphy, Adrian von Gegerfelt, Chris Smith, Rachel Smith, Jon Byrne, Joe Hodgson, Dan Mcguire, Chris Sutcliff, Ed Geraghty, Daniel Steward, Rajesh Joshi, Ted Allnutt, Adam locking, Bertie Bosredon, William Sparrow, Julia O'Dwyer, Edward Charles Richmond, Bex Sentance, David Anthony Elston, Kieren Parkinson, Danny Murphy, Burfdl, David Griffiths

(take a breath)

Holly Grant, Dan Bradley, David Leben, Anonimos Peiratis, Morgan Dalton, Daniel Lockyer, Robert Smithson, Evey Hammond, Alex Lambert, Howard Rein, Kevin Mackey, Stephen Bathgate, Richard Hyde, Emma Ditchburn, Tim Vickerstaff, Greg Hunt, Marius Joehndal, Dx, Chris Brooks, Andy Lawton, Phil Crooks, Ryan C, Mark Cassidy, Tom Berrisford, Nick Taylor, R W Smith, Leo McArdle, Richard Webb, Harry Tucker, Tom Willmot, Morgan Barke, Anand Kumria, Rob Jonson, John Zon, Oli Palmer, Rhys Tyers, Matthew Cass, David 'Bauer' Barnes, Morten, Jamie Taylor, Jack Capel, Conrad Laversuch, Kay Stevens, Andrew Young, Alistair Boynton, Peter Jackson, Scary Boots, Drew McFadyen, Vandal Panda Photog, Bruno Girin, Paul Roskell, David Krcek, Scott Griffiths, Jack Griffiths, Jack Gardner, Nathan Chantrell, Timothy Xu, Will Diaz, Claudio Catino, Luke Nuttall, Dan Gibbons, William Burke, Gus Ferguson, Leo Koziel, Simon Vans-Colina, Mark James Talbot, Junade Ali, Mick Aggi, Brent, Jonnie B, Max Albritten, Charles Valdez, Peitro Donnini, Martin Forrester, Joseph Baker.

Oh and I chucked in a few quid too.

Also thanks to those who came under the reporting threshold and opted to remain anonymous. Of course we will combine respecting your privacy with transparency required by the Electoral Commission. See big parties, it really isn't that hard.

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