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The publication of the Conservative Party's manifesto has revealed the full and chilling expanse of Theresa May's plans for the internet.

To quote the Conservative manifesto "Some people say that it is not for government to regulate when it comes to technology and the internet, we disagree." This statement makes it abundantly clear that in a Conservative government internet censorship would increase beyond even the lengths that we see today. Whilst you can argue the benefits in some aspects of the policy, in particularly the plan to enable anyone to delete their history from when they were under 18, many of them misunderstand how the internet functions and, more importantly, this does not detract from the plain fact that Theresa May plans to "take control of the internet"

Theresa May wants the UK to become a "world leader" in internet regulation. But the market she's targetting isn't technical regulation, which is mostly governed by bodies like IANA based in the US, but "social regulation" (otherwise known as censorship), where our main competitors are China and North Korea.

Not only is this a worrying election promise if the Conservatives do win, but it also shows how many major parties fundamentally misunderstand how the internet works. The wording and subsequent comments made by Theresa May said that she wants the UK "to become a world leader in internet regulation." What country in their right mind would let another country regulate their internet; especially after Snowden leaks demonstrating the snooping that was taking place on on Angela Merkel’s phone.

This election we have a choice. Do we want yet another government with no competent opposition against their ridiculous and invasive plans for the digital world? Or do we want to say no more, draw a line and stand up. The Pirate Party knows how the internet works and we understand that encryption should be left untouched but most of all we care. A Tory or a Labour vote will change little; but a Pirate vote might just change the world.


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The Pirate Party in the UK is a fledgling political party. It has fielded a few candidates in European and National elections, but like most small parties it is significantly constrained by the UK electoral system. Despite this, the Pirate Party has started to poll alongside major parties and is looking to build support from the grassroots. The party will be standing 10 candidates in the June 2017 General Election.

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