You want to vote Pirate? It'd be rude not to oblige.

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We can do better, and we will - We want to stand more candidates with more local branches.

Voting Pirate

Ever since the Pirate Party came on the scene in 2009, some people have been able to vote Pirate in local, parliamentary and most recently european elections. But never as many as we would like.

There have been 22 Pirate Party candidates since 2009. Your candidates have stood in 24 different elections, ranging from local elections in England and Scotland, Parliamentary elections, European Elections and a whole host of by-elections.  

In the five years we have been standing in elections we have learned a lot, and changed the way we approach elections almost entirely.  We have have gone from receiving tens of votes in our first elections, to thousands in our most recent. In the EU election,  8,600 people felt confident enough to put crosses next to our name.

Our proportion of the vote has changed too, where we have active branches, even in areas massively dominated by the biggest parties, we are now seeing anything up to 5% of voters putting an X next to our candidates names.

We have come a long way in a short time, but we have along way to go.

Next steps

We need to do more. During the European elections one of the most common requests wasn't for a change of policy, or some grand idea, it was that we would help let more people vote Pirate. To do that, we need three simple things - more branches, more local support, and above all, more candidates.

What it means

It turns out that we aren't allowed to clone our existing candidates (and really, we wouldn't want to) but we do need more pirates to stand and represent us. We need your help with that. If you looked at your ballot paper in the European elections (or any other) and thought 'why isn't there a pirate on here!' then we have a solution for you; find someone who will put their name along side the party logo, or be that person.

The general election is less than a year away, and we want to be able to be able to run more candidates, raise more money to support them and give them more support than we have up until now.

We have a couple of months to find the people to represent the party and you, and then a lot of time to put together the best national campaign we can.

Get in touch, offer your support or offer to stand. We can only do it with you.

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