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Despite the zombie IP Bill (Snooper's Charter) being knocked back to the depths from whence it came repeatedly, Teresa May's dark magic managed to revive the bill time and time again. Sadly the lack of opposition from Labour helped facilitate this bill and now it's creator is set to be our next Prime Minister.

Her coronation to PM is a sad day for privacy advocates. While our ISPs will be keeping hordes of data on us, Teresa May will get to decide as she leads the country into paranoia and a lack of privacy what to use that data for.

Teresa May believes that keeping records of your internet and mobile phone records, including activity, social media use, e-mails, voice calls, online gaming and text messages is a way to create a healthy society.

May admits

    “We were prevented from bringing in that legislation into the last government...”

…but has continued to push the Snooper's Charter into law.

Neither of the main parties consider our privacy important so I ask everyone who has rushed to Labour in the last few weeks to think again. Which party has civil liberties and your right to free expression at its core.
The Pirate Party want to increase your right to privacy, not deplete it. We want this not just on your home computer but in all aspects of life.

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