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Today we charge to the polls and with every vote, we send a louder and louder message to Westminster; you will not take our human rights from us, our liberty is not up for grabs, and this culture belongs to us - we will decide how to shape it.

With our crowdsourced policies and a record ten candidates standing all over the country, we are becoming increasingly difficult for the established parties to ignore. This is your chance to show your ideas and your principles are what matters, not top-down policies birthed from a system that was made in simpler times that no longer represents the people.

As the wider public comes to know us, they definitely like what they see. A party that promotes honesty and trust, which is something really missing in politics right now.

Neither Labour or the Conservatives are interested in reforming the voting system. There isn’t any compassion from any party that perpetuates inequality. Both parties have a strong history of broken promises – and a last minute manifesto with new promises to break shouldn’t swing anyone’s vote.

Vote for you tomorrow. Vote for your principles and do so with a smile. No matter what happens, you can say you didn’t reward those who are ignoring us. You didn’t resign to a choice between a bad future or a terrible future. You voted for what you believe in the most.

Our candidates have been working incredibly hard – it seems no matter how many different elections you run through, the next one is always harder. I’ve seen candidates restore people’s trust in democracy, engage those who have never voted before or felt there wasn’t anything better than a “slightly less worse” option. It takes an incredibly amount of courage to put yourself in front of people and be a conduit for their ideas, show that you are willing to listen and to avoid a covfefe moment – I’m deeply thankful to those who didn’t blink when their moment came and decided to #BeThePirate

I’m incredibly proud of how candidates made this campaign their own – we refuse to use a party whip and the positive effects of this, with candidates truly representing their local areas first can be seen the length and breath of the UK.

Dare I say it, as much as these elections are often called at the wrong times for the wrong reasons, we’ve managed to inject a bit of truth, honesty and make politics a little bit better, kinder and sometimes a little fun.

While we do this because we need to – it never hurts to draw enjoyment from your work. If you want to help Pirates continue through 2017 and beyond – drop us a few pieces of eight and score yourself a little thank-you while you’re there.

Thank you.

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