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In times of crisis it can be easy to walk away, give into fear or to simply feel powerless.

The Conservatives will make every effort and stand on any atrocity to further their agenda. They need opposing and to be fought every step of the way or our hard won rights can easily be pulled from us.

The Tories are our obvious enemy of equality, freedom and liberty. They want eyes into to our private lives, seek to clamp down on our ability to freely express ourselves and limit our access to furthering ourselves, both in the education system and from online resources.

They keep us down with cutting wages, cutting schools, cutting disability services, cutting hospitals, cutting transport and let us be at risk with cutting the police. They keep us so busy just trying to get by that we often have little time to focus on them targeting our most treasured human rights.

Pirates will always make sure your voice is listened to. This is why you make our policies and with them we change the political landscape so that our civil liberties and digital freedoms are not forgotten or buried under a heap of bad Tory policies.

The only party with these principles at its core is the Pirate Party. We are the only party who flagship these policies. After all, without free speech, we cannot discuss any other policy.

The less obvious threat, is the party perpetuating the Tories. Benefiting just as much from a disproportionate, exclusive and unfair first past the post voting system. The less obvious threat that signed over 100 PFI contracts crippling our NHS, the party that started limiting our access to education by introducing tuition fees, the party that says unless you vote for them you are wasting your vote, the party that united with the Tories to pass the #SnoopersCharter and last but not least the party that has been promising since 1995 to end zero hour contracts but at every chance to do so, did nothing.

The Labour party are not the salvation and hope they project themselves to be.

I’m asking you not to give into fear. When faced with a crisis, stand together and don’t reward your vote to any party that doesn’t represent what you really want. Look for a party that has democracy built into its very DNA.

I’m asking you to just take a moment to think differently and if you find a better option, maybe you should vote differently.

Vote Pirate tomorrow and whatever happens, you can say you stood by your principles.

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