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Hello fellow Pirates

I hope you all had Merry Christmas and a happy new year - thankfully it seems this Pirate didn't it on to Santa's naughty list this time around and I wasn't left with just coal.

In fact, things have been going so well lately I decided to nominate myself for Deputy Leader and have already received my seconding. What does this mean? You should soon see me on your Pirate Party UK internal election online ballot! But only paid-up members can vote, so check your membership is up to take an encourage others to #BeThePirate so they can join in. You can find a Q&A thread with a bit more info on the community site here but suffice to say I think we finally have enough active members to make fulfilling NEC roles beneficial - and we have two candidates to choose from in terms of Deputy Leader. Myself and Jason Winstanley.

Speaking of Candidates and elections, if you're lucky enough to live in South Wales, we're gearing up to field as many candidates as possible so get in touch as we could really use your support or maybe you could even be a candidate for your local area. We want openness to matter at all levels of government and we'll be looking to not only implement more open software in councils but also increase the accessibility of Freedom of Information searches and online consultations along with greater transparency over precisely what powers councils have. For individuals we'll be campaigning for increasing privacy of the public when using services like the library, making protected browsing standard.

Now I know 2016 wasn't the best year for many of us. Civil liberties and specifically privacy and freedom of choice really took a hit with the IP Act/Snoopers Charter and DE Bill/Prudes Charter but we're determined to make 2017 the #YearOfThePirate where we fight back against these unjust and intrusive powers. This year we're going further than just pulling apart bad policies from the established parties and now we're targeting winnable seats (or seats where we can pull a respectable vote share).

If you want to be a part of that, get in touch with our nominations team [email protected] and see how you can pull democracy back to the people and say "no" Theresa May-not build a country where everyone is a suspect, not a citizen.

For our celtic friends up north, there is a Glasgow meet-up planned; Clutha Vaults, 167 Stockwell Street, Glasgow G1 4SP. Provisionally: Thursday 12th January 7:30

We're also seeing new interest in our Wales branch, and are planning out first online meeting over discord shortly to talk about all Cymru Corsair topics and to elect the new Spokesperson for Wales.

To find out more, check the Glasgow or Wales channel on our discord server.

And while we're saving dates for the calendar, far more importantly... it'll be my birthday on 1st of February, so don't forget to tell me happy birthday on Facebook or Twitter!


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