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Hello fellow Pirates

Our party is about political engagement and so regardless of how you voted I want to thank all of you for taking part in our internal elections, whether you voted, verified ballots or ran the whole thing.

You really have honoured me with 70% of ballots cast voting Dave for Deputy Leader and I will continue to be a spokesperson for the party in a direction we all can be proud of.

I am however mindful that at least 30% didn’t vote for me and at worst, voted “against” me. Perhaps in a general election this is some what less important as I would already have a clear mandate and wouldn’t have to worry about anything for five years. Alternatively if we were to take a lesson from Labour, we’d be fighting a civil war and having annual leadership elections...

That’s not how the Pirate Party UK does politics.

We’re a party of individuals who are free to disagree with one another, free to convince one another of a better path, free to change our minds if the evidence so requires it. Because of this, I am always open to bridging the gap within our party and working with anyone for our greater, common goals – else how will we ever convince anyone else to vote for us. With this in mind, I’d like to thank Jason Winstanley for running an active campaign and keeping up the very valuable work on the press team at the same time.

Our common goals of copyright and patent reform to create a free culture, the end of mass surveillance - the right for us to live our private lives in peace and of course our human right to free speech will always remain our flagship policies. You can trust me as Deputy Leader to put those before any other policy.

At times the wind has been at our backs and we’ve made some huge wins. Other times we’ve crashed through many storms and landed on the rocks… but we’ve always survived. We’ve retained a good membership and income, we’ve continued to make gains in subscribers on all social media platforms, our spokespeople’s comments are getting released immediately and we’re back in the big press.

While parties our size and larger are struggling to remain relevant, such as no mention of the libertarian party standing candidates, TUSC and the Social Democratic Party now having less representation in government than we do and even the Liberal Democrats resorting to becoming a single-issue party, not to mention lowering their subscription fee to £1 in a desperate attempt to keep members, we are keeping the helm steady and we will see Pirates on the 2017 local election map where we can really test our experience gained.

Together let’s make 2017 a great year to #BeThePirate

Yours piratically

David A Elston
Pirate Party UK Acting Leader


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