Do we need to start encrypting our bins?

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I bloody hope not! That would make taking them out even worse!

Yet Councils across the UK, most recently the Bridgend County Borough Council have "reformed" their recycling process, causing maximum discontent along the way, all the while being criticised for "not being as good as the Vale of Glamorgan", who do not operate such strict recycling, despite until recently both councils falling under Labour control, making Labour responsible for both recycling approaches.

Since films like Hackers (1995) we have been reminded that gathering data can sometimes be as simple as jumping in a dumpster or routing through a bin but now Councils are making it even easier to have a window into your private lives, for anyone in your street to see.

Paper items can easily be viewed from the roadside, bank statements, tax returns, student loans, recent purchases or typical shopping habits are now a free-for-all. Time to invest in a shredder! Cardboard recycle works in much the same way, but instead of offering precise receipt and account information, any recently purchased electronic, tool, appliance or other item is very easily advertised in its original packaging.


Glass open-top containers give immediate insight into drinking and other habits and can easily be seen from a quick glance, no need for any real investigation here.


Rubbish is the most worrying. Black opaque bags have been swapped out for blue transparent bags. This means deeply private and personal items such as sanitary products, condoms, pregnancy or ovulation kits... or other items are now on display to your whole street.


Is sacrificing our privacy worth making sure that last empty Pepsi can makes it into the correct container? The Bridgend Council thinks so.

Maybe have a word with your local councillors about privacy concerns - but don't call by on bin day, you might see more than what you bargained for.


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