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The media has been publically shaming Martin Shkreli, a Big Pharma (Turing Pharmaceuticals.) CEO who hyped the HIV drug price by 5455% (from $13.50 to $750 per tablet) and is reported to have hyped a cystinura drug by almost 2000%. This is a perfect example of why Piracy, or sharing should not be considered a crime and why our clear policy on the NHS handling drug research is again shown to be a viable option to prevent drug prices from harming patients.


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The Pirate Party policy aims to abolish drug patents for three reasons:

Firstly the medical profession should not be swamped with administration and should be allowed to focus on what the best drugs are. A patients not patents approach. It will also keep patients more familiar with their drugs instead of the brands intermittently changing as the NHS struggles to keep costs down by changing to a similar brand of drug that is "almost" the same.

Secondly our current government has an unjustifiable compulsion to outsource and sell off our NHS whereby bringing more services, such as drug research in to the NHS would solve problems like those we've seen in the media recently.

It will make all drugs generic, radically reducing cost. This innovation would save the NHS vast sums of money; part of that saving will then be used to subsidise drug research.
The pharmaceutical industry currently spends around 15% of its patent drug income on research; we would support that expenditure with subsidies made possible in savings from the NHS. This will increase  research budgets, while still saving the NHS money.

This policy of making all drugs generic will create a massive opportunity for industry to make profits, employ more people and save lives by encouraging the manufacture of newly generic drugs in this country for sale to the third world.


Thirdly Big Pharma like Turing Pharmaceuticals cannot hold the world ransom with hugely unjustifiable medicine costs.

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