FAQ's - Where do You stand on the NHS?

I frankly cannot understand how any government, indeed anyone who cares about our society, could push for anything less than a national, universal and well funded, accountable health system.

I've followed the debate on changes to how healthcare should be delivered, since I became interested in politics. I've always been worried that the kind of stories we hear about from countries with mixed models, or insurance systems linked to employers could become a reality here if we don't stick to our principles on a publicly owned and accessible NHS.

I have a young family and thanks to the NHS, I know I can take my children to my GP or hospital and have any issue dealt with quickly, professionally and without having to worry about how much it will cost.

More to the point, I have. my daughter broke her arm Christmas morning a couple of years ago and the compassion and professionalism of the service, one that even then was under massive pressure was incredible.

I think a that is the right way to deliver healthcare. No-one should have to consider whether an insurance premium will rise or whether they should find a cheaper option when looking for help because they or a family member is ill.

I want to make sure that the NHS as good as it can be, and available to everyone. I turned down private health insurance as part of my previous employment because I don't think being able and willing to pay more should give you preferential treatment (and I would do the same if offered private insurance again.)

I believe that we got it right when the NHS was set up, that the founding principles, that healthcare meets the needs of everyone, that it is free at the point of delivery and that it is based on clinical need, not ability to pay are the only basis for a decent and fair healthcare system.

I'll do all I can to protect that service, make sure it is properly funded, accountable to us, as good as we can make it and remains in public hands. I would add is that the damage done to the NHS over recent years will take time to repair. We need to reverse privatisation, but we have to do it in a way that does it as quickly as possible, whilst having the smallest possible negative impact on the service and doesn't further over-burden doctors and nurses.

If you want to know more about what I stand for, take a look at my manifesto for this election.


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