The Treasurer is Sinking

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This is one of those good news/bad news stories.

The good news is that new members and money keeps pouring in.

The bad news is that you're killing your treasurer in the process. 

So please, please, follow this advice if joining up or making a donation:

1. You can't join if you don't have an address in the UK where you are registered to vote.  Please double-check to ensure you give a current address and not one from long ago when you lived abroad and spent your days treading grapes into wine and swimming with dolphins.  Whilst we love to hear about supporters in France, the US and even Australia, you might do more good if you join the Pirate Parties in those countries!

2. Hacker aliases are super-cool, unless you're giving that instead of your real name whilst trying to join a registered political party in the UK (like ours).  UK law is very unforgiving and if we take money from people we cannot identify, we could get into some serious trouble, and that means I need to return money if I don't know your name.  So please make sure you provide your boring regular first name and family name, and not your superhero alter-ego identity.

[Added 15/08/2009] Signing up to the site with your alias is fine! Just with donations make sure any paypal accounts / payment details are passing your correct details.

3. Businesses can give donations, but they can't become members.  It looks like some of you are paying your membership fees using PayPal accounts linked to a business name, and hence we don't know your real name.  If you want to join, you are very welcome - but please make sure you give your name and the home address where you are registered to vote.

Okay, so now a dozen people are itching to tell me that I "should've done such-and-such and this-and-that and then there would have been no problems".  Yeah, well, I've been working non-stop so far, so what more do you want?  I reckon it's going amazingly well so far.  And you know what the real cause of all this trouble is, don't you?  It's because the party is so popular!!

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