Mandy confirms he'll cut off filesharers

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Lord Mandelson, the business secretary, has confirmed that the UK government is planning to cut off filesharers from the internet:

The UK government will take steps that will exclude persistent downloaders of content from connecting to the internet, it confirmed today.

The UK business secretary, Lord Peter Mandelson said that the UK would pass legislation to cut off people as a last resort. Before cut off, individuals would receive warnings that their activities had been detected and warned to cease and desist.

The government plan that the legislation will come into effect in spring 2011. Of course, there has to be a general election by June 2010, which Labour is very unlikely to win, so if the legislation is brought in, it won't be them doing it.

Labour's plan is that the music industry will monitor what people are downloading, and on their say-so (not in any court of law), internet subscribers will receive two warning letters and then have their internet access cut off. The music industry will not have to prove that the subscribers have being doing anything wrong; instead Mandelson's plan is that they will act as judge, jury and executioner. And it's not just the subscriber who will be cut off, their whole household will be too; this collective punishment, if done in wartime, would be a war crime under the Geneva Convention.

However we must thank Lord Mandelson and the Labour Party for making it abundantly clear that they have zero respect for the human rights of the British people, and are instead doing what multinational corporations tell them to.

(This story is also covered by: the Guardian, the BBC, the Times, PC World, and the Telegraph)

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